Credit: MTV Photo: JWOWW Talks With The Situation & The Unit on Jersey Shore

The Unit has emerged as Jersey Shore’s man-of-the-moment on the Season 5 premiere, but he’s also become an indicted suspect of major drug possession and possible jail time.

As we reported over the summer, Jonny “The Unit” Manfre was arrested outside of the Jersey Shore house while the amazing eight were filming Season 5 in July. He was allegedly charged with drug possession of a “white, powdery substance.”

Now, Radar Online reports, it has been confirmed that the mystery drug found on The Unit was ketamine, known as Special K: a powerful horse tranquilizer and street drug. Sammi claimed in a recent interview that no one in the cast has ever done drugs in the house — but it looks like The Unit certainly brought hard drugs incredibly close.

Radar also confirmed that Manfre was officially indicted by the courts in December: “A Seaside Heights police official confirmed...that Manfre was indicted in December for 3rd degree felony possession of Ketamine, a controlled substance.”

In an interview with TMZ, The Unit attempted to clean up his image in light of the recent charge: “I've had [drug] issues in the past and I've flourished coming out of them... I'm a complete man and I'm sober." He didn’t give any specifics on whether or not he’ll work out a plea bargain (i.e. confess guilt) or “go all nine yards” (i.e. deny guilt).

No matter what The Unit says, our image of him will forever include his childish Snooki-baiting on the Season 5 premiere. When it comes to The Unit, we have our own policy: Just Say No.

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Sources: Radar Online, TMZ

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