Credit: Splash News

With all the news about Snooki’s pregnancy and SamRon’s reunion, we almost forgot about one of Jersey Shore’s most … colorful characters: Jonny “The Unit” Manfre. Wonder what he’s up to? This photo should say it all.

His hair, at least, has been up to the sky, growing higher and higher. The Unit was photographed at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida with his new hippie hairstyle. The Unit has always had some major fuzz atop his head, but he must have lost some kind of bet like Seth Rogen’s bearded roommate did in Knocked Up. How long does he plan on growing that ‘do?

The Unit also showed off his admittedly still impressive abs, and shared meatballs with his long-term girlfriend, porn star Amia Miley. For all the reality show couples that don’t make it, we’re actually a little happy to see that these two crazy kids are still making it work.

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