Miley Cyrus recently tweeted some flying anxiety before boarding a plane, and who better to soothe her with his signature sarcasm than Jersey Shore’s own Vinny.

"it's all Good bro.. U Have a better chance or getting struck by lightening then Getting hurt on a plane," he wrote, "so stop worrying ass." Um, thanks.

Apparently, the two are have hung out together because the Jersey Shore star later tweeted that he missed the Disney star’s huskie pup, Floyd. Um, have these two been hanging out on Vinny's visits to LA, or something? Or maybe Vinny’s involvement with, a charity that Miley is a huge supporter of, sparked the pair’s unlikely friendship.

Either way, remember, Vincenzo: if she had a post-'90s Disney show...she's too young for you bro.

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Source: Twitter

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