Vinny's departure from the Jersey Shore house took us all aback, but his abrupt return on Season 5, Episode 4: “Free Vinny” was just as startling, especially in light of his recently revealed anxiety disorder. Was his friends' enthusiasm really the key to getting him back?

Based on this interview from MTV? No, not at all.

"That's exactly what the anxious person needed," Vinny quips sarcastically. "Rush in on him in his house, bang down his door, and start shouting 'oh yeah'... That's exactly what I needed to feel better, good job."

The real story is much sadder. "I mustered up enough strength just to get through the door of leaving my house," he explains. "And when I went back, it was hard." How hard? Well, he later calls "the setting of a TV show" the "worst place an anxious person could possibly be."

How did Vinny find the strength to throw himself back into that difficult environment? "The one thing that got me through was that because this was being recorded, people are going to relate to it...and you're going to help people."

For more on Vinny's return to the show watch the interview here:

Credit: Courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Vinny on Returing to the Shore House (Video)

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