Credit: Instagram

Just when you thought the Guadagnino clan couldn’t get any crazier, they proved us wrong with Vinny’s latest Instagram pic. When RedFoo of LMFAO paid the Staten Island house a visit, he brought crazy wigs and glasses for everyone to wear, and Vinny’s family took to it with excitement.

You can barely recognize them in their wacky disguises, but it looks like Vinny’s mama Paula really got into her role. From the star-studded trailer for The Show With Vinny, it looks like she was eager to show off her singing and dance moves for Red Foo himself, as Paula is a huge fan of the band. We can’t wait to watch her in action!

“I thought it was impossible for my family to get any crazier,” Vinny wrote as a caption for the pic. “But @RedFoo proved me wrong.” We have a feeling RedFoo will shake things up even more at the Guadagnino house!

Are you excited to see RedFoo hang out with Vinny’s family? Which celeb are you most excited to see on The Show With Vinny? Share below!