Credit: Video Still Photo: Vinny and Hot Cherry Dipped in Chocolate

Watch out Melaine, Vinny has officially found “the most beautiful creature” he has ever met in his life!

In never-before-seen footage from Jersey Shore Season 6, Vinny and Ronnie meet a lovely young woman on the beach in Seaside Heights, NJ, and they are immediately entranced. Vinny calls her “the most beautiful creature [he] has ever seen” and said noted that she had a beautiful hat on and “was thick,” which apparently Vin is into. But who is the enchantress?

According to her, she goes by the moniker Hot Cherry Dipped in Chocolate, a nickname that could rival “The Situation” and “Snooki” in viral-bility. She tells the boys that she is from Trenton, NJ and Vinny invites her to hang out with them at Karma, where he wants her to twerk on him.

Check out the exchange below, and cover your eyes, Melanie!

Credit: MTV Photo: Vinny Meets Hot Cherry Dipped in Chocolate (VIDEO)

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