Credit: Instagram

Animal lover Vinny Guadagnino recently adopted the most adorable Pitbull puppy from a local no-kill shelter in New York. The doggie will be joining an animal family as big and crazy as Vinny’s, with four other rescue dogs, four cats, a ferret, and a parrot! Can you say, “menagerie”?

Unsure of what to call her, Vinny asked fans to recommend a name for his new “gorgeous girl," initially settling on “Bodhi." He Instagrammed a cute pic for us and explained in the caption that the name for this brawny ball of love was “inspired by her muscles and Buddhism.”

Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Vinny's Pup Gets a New Name

But it looks like Vinny’s already changed his mind, and has decided to re-name his new pup. He Instagrammed another pic of his puppy girl, letting us know that “her name isn’t Bodhi it’s going to be: "Tita, a Hawaiian word for “tough woman."

Well, newly-named Tita is just about the opposite of ferocious-looking, and we have pics to prove what a cuddle bug she is! But she’s probably quite a strong (and strong-willed!) puppy, and the name is empowering, so overall we’d say it’s a fitting choice.

What do you think of Vinny’s new name for his Pitbull? Do you think he made the right decision, or should he have stuck to the original moniker? Share your thoughts below!