Credit: Instagram

While fellow Jersey Shore castmates Snooki and Deena Nicole have their fair share of “meatball problems,” Vinny Guadagnino has a different type of issues: “momma’s boy problems.” Vin let us know plenty of times at the Shore Horse that he has a traditional Italian mother who’s always cooking, cleaning, and coddling her son.

We all laughed when we first saw her in Season 1 and she not only brought the housemates tons of food (and underwear and shirts for Vinny), but started dusting off his shorts as he chilled on a bean bag in the living room!

And even though Vinny is a few years older, he’s still living with his mom — and they’re closer than ever! He recently Instagrammed a pic showing her fixing his tie while he shoots the camera an adorable, incredulous look. However, this was a special occasion, and she was helping him prepare for something more exciting than usual. “Getting ready for my next celebrity guest,” Vinny captioned the pic, including the hashtags “#MommasBoyProblems” and “#grateful.” Aww!

Credit: Instagram

That’s right — he’s about to welcome another celebrity guest, who will be featured on the upcoming spin-off, The Show With Vinny. We wonder who it is! Can anyone really top Ke$ha?

We’ve been feeling the Vin withdrawal, so we can’t wait for his spin-off. The talk show will have celebrity guest stars like Lil Wayne visiting Vinny and his big, crazy family at his house on Staten Island, in which they’ll meet the fam and try some traditional Italian cooking. Sounds delish!

What do you think of Vinny’s “momma’s boy problems”? Are you excited to see them on his new show? Sound off below!