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As we saw on Jersey Shore Season 5, Vinny had to leave the show for a short time to deal with his anxiety issues. He’s since published a book, Control the Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama, and Maintain Inner Cool, and now he’s making an appearance on Dr. Drew’s call-in show on HLN.

Vinny tells Dr. Drew, “Usually, 99 per cent of my life, I'm fine. It's really when I start to live an unhealthy lifestyle — when I don't eat right, don't sleep — these are elements to filming Jersey Shore.” He explained that he often felt “disconnected,” and thought this was a sign of depression, until he started learning about anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

“I had my first full-blown attack when I was in high school,” Vinny says. “I was sitting at the desk and all of a sudden my heart started racing. Everything started closing in around me. I was like, ‘Did I just have a heart attack?’”

Check out a clip of the show below, and hear what Vinny has to say when a caller asks him if he regrets doing Jersey Shore entirely.

Credit: HLN TV Photo: Vinny Describes His Panic Attacks, Says He Still Doesn't Regret Jersey Shore (VIDEO)

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