Credit: JED Foundation Photo: Video: Vinny Describes His Anxiety Attacks

On last night’s Jersey Shore Season 5, Episode 2: “One Man Down,” we had our heart broken while watching Vinny’s struggle to decide whether or not he could continue on in the Shore house.

As it turns out, Vinny wasn’t simply having difficulty making a decision — he was suffering from severe anxiety, a condition that has plagued him his whole life. In his own personal message to fellow anxiety-ridden people out there (put out by the JED Foundation), he speaks about what it was like for him growing up, and what exactly drove him out of the cuckoo’s nest that is Jersey Shore.

Watch to hear why filming JS was a “terrible environment” for Vinny to be in when he felt anxious, and why he feels badly for his roommates, even now.

Credit: JED Foundation Photo: Watch: Vinny Describes Growing Up With Serious Anxiety

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