Even though he sometimes takes a few verbal jabs at his fellow Jersey Shore castmates, Vinny isn’t down with bullying, especially amongst little kids who might look up to him. (Little kids watching Jersey Shore? That’s a whole other issue...)

Anyway, Vincenzo teamed up with DoSomething.org to make an anti-bullying vid, encouraging mini guidos and guidettes to "use your fists for pumping, not for punching."

This isn't Vin's first anti-bullying video: He also made an "It Gets Better" PSA against homophobic bullying back in October of 2010.

This is all very noble of you and all, Vin, but how about you lead by example and stop referring to women as “grenades”? Just a suggestion, although you do get some lady brownie points for making a PSA against the evils of bullying.

Source: Do Something

Credit: Do Something Photo: Watch! Vinny's Anti-Bullying PSA