Credit: Instagram Photo: Vinny Guadagnino Cuddles With Melanie Iglesias at Knicks Game

It looks like the now-taken Vinny Guadagino may have some competition in the love department. He recently reunited with his Guy Code co-star Melanie Iglesias, and the two have been looking adorable together in their latest couple pics. But according to Melanie, there’s “another man” in her life — and she may be snuggling with him more than her boyfriend!

Melanie recently tweeted a pic of her looking cute with her arm securely around her “other man,” but this man has four legs instead of two! He looks to be a chocolate labrador retriever, and we must say that he is a very handsome fellow. Vinny may need to step up his game.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Melanie Iglesias Hangs Out With Her "Other Man" — a Dog!

In response to the pic, Vinny jokingly tweeted, “Back off, pooch.” Hmm, maybe if he doesn’t want Melanie’s boy to take up all of her affection, he can have his Pitbull puppy, Tita, have a playdate with the other pup. We know the pics would be super cute!

We’re glad that Vinny and Melanie are back to having fun together and making jokes. We hated seeing them fight, and it looks like their newly-rekindled relationship has a goofy side.

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