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Before Snooki coined herself meatball mommy of the year, she and Jionni LaValle needed some help learning what to do with a newborn.

In this new Snooki & JWOWW sneak peek clip from Celebuzz, the couple gets a visit from their baby coach Lillian, who tests the duo on their infant knowledge. So, how does the then daddy-to-be fare in the baby info game?

Remarkably badly, considering how good of a pop he seems to be for Lorenzo.

Not only does Jionni majorly overestimate the distance babies can see, but he also misses when the subjects of soft spots and sleeping positions come up.

He must’ve done some serious brushing up afterward because that was one clueless daddio!

Credit: Celebuzz Photo: Jionni Struggles With the Baby Knowledge Test (VIDEO)

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Source: Celebuzz