Credit: MTV Photo: Washington Heights Ludwin

Love isn’t easy, but when it comes to Ludwin and Diana’s relationship on MTV’s Washington Heights, it’s damn near impossible.
Ludwin is charismatic and social, while his girlfriend Diana is anything but. To quote his friend Rico, she’s one of the most “awkwardest” girls ever. When Ludwin’s friends come together to celebrate his graduation, Diana sulks in the corner, putting Ludwin in a seriously uncomfortable position.
When he goes over to try and cheer her up — he totally wins the award for cutest BF! — Diana tells him she “hates” him. Ouch! Poor Ludwin. Watch the drama go down in our exclusive clip below.

Sure, Diana might suffer from some pretty debilitating social anxieties, but should Ludwin have to suffer the consequences?

We think it’s time for Ludwin to dump his Debbie Downer girlfriend Diana and explore other options (preferably his BFF Frankie, who is the definition of a social butterfly).

What do you think? Should Ludwin dump Diana? Sound off in the comments!

Washington Heights airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV.


Credit: MTV Photo: Washington Heights Clip: Ludwin and Diana's Relationship Comes to a Standstill