Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Jersey Shore Season 4 Finale: Vinny and Pauly Have a Moment

Despite all the Jersey Shore cast members dishing and scheming on last night’s Season 4 Reunion Show, Vinny Guadagnino, our Italian-speaking host with the most seemed completely at ease. Vinny was the vision of serenity, given the spotlight only in the adorable bromance reel, showcasing his and Pauly D’s “Yeahhhh buddy!” love. But that cool facade didn’t tell the whole story. As it turns out, The Situation isn’t the only one who considered bowing out of Season 5.

As Vinny told, he actually dared to escape the sorely missed Shore House of Shame in the first few weeks of shooting Season 5: "I just needed to recharge my batteries a little bit. I wasn't feeling too good. I wanted to go home."

Apparently, having his beloved GTL routine back in play wasn’t enough to erase the pale, poorly coiffed memories of Florence Vinny. Plus, Vinny and the rest of the meatballs barely had any transition time: "We went right from Italy, got off the plane, and went right to Jersey," he explained. "It was tough because we didn't get any break from filming whatsoever."

Watch Vinny’s take on how he handled the rush back to Jersey, and whether or not he’s on board for Season 6!

Check out Vinny's interview here.

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