Snooki’s parenting style is still unknown — will she be strict with her potential daughter’s curfew? At what age will she think her mini-me is ready to talk about the birds and the bees? —but her pregnancy style is always evolving.

This week in What to Expect When Snooki’s Expecting, Snooki tweeted a photo showing her with a cheetah-print head scarf, white plastic glasses, and one itty bitty hand in the shape of an itty bitty fist.

She wrote, “Preggers power. I'll cut a bitch if you mess w my baby!”

Do we smell a brilliant idea for Snooki’s next book? Preggers Power: I Will Cut You & Other Threats for Keeping Your Baby Safe From H8ers. We also hope that no one dares to “mess” with her short ‘n’ tan. The last thing we need is Snooki giving birth in jail.

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Source: Twitter

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