Credit: Demis Maryannakis / Splash News Photo: Sammi Sweetheart and Deena Nicole Pose at the Jersey Shore Viewing Party at the Bounce Sporting Club in NYC on February 9, 2012

For one Jersey Shore meatball, Valentine’s Day is going to be extra-special this year.

The lucky lady is Deena Nicole, who currently has a very happy and healthy relationship with boyfriend Chris Bruckner. This year marks a very important first in the meatball’s love life.

“This is the first Valentine’s Day that I’ve really had a boyfriend, so I’m really excited,” Deena told Wetpaint Entertainment at a Jersey Shore viewing party at Bounce Sporting Club in New York on February 9.

“I’m not exactly sure yet [what our plans are],” said Deena. “We’ll probably go to dinner and then spend time with each other.”

Sadly, V-Day will not be as romantic for single Sammi Sweetheart.

“I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans this year which is weird,” Sammi confessed. “I’ll probably just hang out with my girlfriends.”

BFF Deena piped in with, “That’ll be fun! I used to always do that!” Deena, don’t worry. I’m sure Chris would be fine with you inviting some of those Boardwalk girls you find so attractive into bed one night. Bisexual meatball power!

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