Credit: Instagram

For Snooki and JWOWW, it doesn’t matter if they’re on the red carpet, at Karma, giving birth, or fishing — there’s one makeup routine they’ll never skip!

While Jenni has yet to give birth and Snooki has yet to go fishing (well, at least to our knowledge), they both agree: never go anywhere without your fake eyelashes on!

During last night’s episode of Snooki & JWOWW, both gals were live-tweeting, and Snooki wrote:

JWOWW responded by re-tweeting Snooki’s message and adding in, “Seriously!”

They’ve got to be a must since on last night’s episode, Jenni and fiancé Roger were in Maine fishing and camping, yet she still made sure to have her fake eyelashes!

Another odd thing JWOWW brought along was her high heels. However, she decided to leave them aside when she was knee-deep in mud, digging for clams. Maybe next time!

Are you surprised that Snooki and Jenni won’t go without their fake eyelashes, even when camping or giving birth? Sound off below!