Credit: Instagram

Careful driving, Jionni — there’s someone in your rear-view mirror! Don’t worry, it’s only Snooki... wait, what is Snooks doing behind your car?!

Jionni recently Instagrammed a new pic of Snooki playing a funny but dangerous prank on her him. The photo is from Jionni’s rear-view video camera in his car: a grainy, fishbowl shot of Snooki holding onto his bumper with her fingers, smiling mischievously. You can see a bit of the text on the screen that says “Check surroundings for safety,” adding another dose of hilarity to the pic.

Credit: Instagram

“Get out of the way,” Jionni wrote as a caption. “#imbackingup @snookinic.” Uh-oh, don’t back into your fiancée!

Though this isn’t the first prank they’ve played on each other, it reminds us more of what Roger does to JWOWW than Snooki and Jionni’s usual crazy antics. Like that time he put his girl up “for sale”! Oh, those crazy Jersey Shore pals...

What do you think of Snooki’s prank on Jionni? Too funny, or a little too much? Share below!