Credit: Instagram

We’ve been debating if Lorenzo looks more like his mama, Snooki, or daddy, Jionni LaValle, but he’s still young and his looks will change as he gets older. However, we do have some insight into what he might look like as a teenager!

Jionni recently Instagrammed a pic of him as a teenager hanging out with his family, captioning it, “I miss Disney with the family.” We always knew Jionni was a family man, so it’s sweet to see him spending quality time with them. And hey, maybe it will inspire him to take his new family to Disney World!

Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki's Fiancé, Jionni, as a Kid!

We know what Snooki looked like as a baby and a teenager, and wonder who Lorenzo will resemble more. So far, we think he has traits of both parents, from Jionni’s lips to Snooki’s eyes and chubby cheeks. Either way, he’s a special little guy for more reasons than you’d think: he’s Snooki’s first blood relative! Aww!

Who do you think Lorenzo will look like when he’s older? Sound off below!