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As Jersey Shore fans know, a huge part of Pauly D’s identity is all the action happening atop his adorable head. Performing his legendary 20-minute blow-out (watch Pauly’s how-to video here)  is essential to his persona, and he’s even inspired Justin Timberlake to call the style “performance art.”

But what would the Jersey Shore star look like without his signature ‘do? In the shot below, taken during Season 2, when Pauly decided to dress up like Justin Bieber for Halloween in 2010, you can see for yourself. Ready to be shocked?

Credit: Video Still

For the full video of Pauly’s Bieber moment, check it out below! We personally love the trip down memory lane, when Angelina was not only a roommate, but she was allowed to place a comb in Pauly’s hair. Enjoy!

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