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Snooki underwent a dramatic transformation recently, slimming down to 102 pounds after giving birth to her adorable son, Lorenzo. And while she loves her body and is thrilled with the way she looks, there are a few things she still wants to change.

In her cover story with Us Weekly, Snooks revealed that while she feels “great” overall, she still has a “mommy pooch” she needs to get rid of, and that she wants her “upper legs to be more toned.”

But her self criticisms don’t stop there! She thinks one part of her body is “messed up”!

“My boobs are messed up,” she revealed. “In a bra, they look good. But when I take it off, they’re all flappy. I can’t wait to get a boob job when I’m done having kids.”

While we’ve known that Snooki has wanted to get a boob job for quite some time, we’re surprised that she’s so disappointed in herself. We think she looks great and shouldn’t change a thing.

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Source: Us Weekly, March 18 print edition