Credit: Snooki's Instagram

Though we absolutely adore Snooki and Jionni together as a couple, we have seen them on their darker days during some of their intense fights on Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWOWW. Luckily, the guido couple has worked on their problems and they are now happier than ever together, but Snooki did recently share some of the pros and cons of living with her fiancé!

Recently Snooki told Hollywood Life about her life in the LaValle family basement and home, where they’re currently raising Lorenzo while their dream home in New Jersey is under construction.

“The pros are, I mean, say me and Jionni want to go for a run together outside. His mother can watch the baby,” Snooki told the site.Anytime we need help with Lorenzo, his mother can watch the baby. So that really helps us out a lot because once we move out and you know we need someone to watch the baby no one’s going to be there!”

However, living with Jionni does have some downsides. “Well the cons is we can’t scream and yell at each other because I would love to do that, but he’s like ‘Shh, my parents will hear’ and I’m like ‘all right, whatever.’” Oh, Snooks!

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