Credit: Photo via Snooki's Twitter Photo: Snooki Gets Sexy

If there were an award for 2011’s Sneakiest Tweeter, we would have to give it to “Branden.” Bask in the glory of his talent for a moment: he successfully took over Snooki’s Twitter name.

Earlier this afternoon, all 3.7 million followers who wait with breath that is baited to hear the Jersey Shore meatball’s minute-to-minute rambles, were tweeted with, “Looks like someone forgot to secure their old username. lol”

And then, “Ive always wanted this name. She's welcome to have it back if she changed it on accident. If not then I'll be glad to be twinsies.” A pretty normal-looking guy named Branden had taken the Sn00ki wheel. 

Changing her Twitter name to @Nic0leSn00ki didn’t phase Snooki one bit. Like the classy act that she is, she didn’t even dignify Branden’s hack-over with a tweet. 

UPDATE: Branden "the other @Sn00ki" speaks! He says that he didn't hack Snooki's account, that she simply changed her username to @Nic0leSn00ki and he grabbed up the now-free @Sn00ki. "[Snooki] was my high school nickname anyhow," Branden tweeted. It isn't clear if Snooki will try to secure her old name as well, but all of her old followers were transfered over to her new name.

Glad to be back to abnormal.

Source: Twitter

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