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Snooki is a fearless gal who steps outside of her comfort zone on a daily basis, but there are still a few interesting things that terrify her.

“I’m scared of the dark!” Snooki admitted in an interview with Celebuzz. “I can’t sleep without a background noise.”

When asked what exactly about the dark scares her, she explained, “Well, I’m scared of ghosts and zombies and aliens! And in the dark, usually there’s ghosts and zombies! So, I don’t like the dark.”

Aww, Snooks. Luckily, she knows how to ease her fears: cartoons! Our gal reiterated that she always falls asleep to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming, but noted that all the shows on that network pique her interest — even Family Guy!

“I need to be on an episode!” she told the interviewer about the adult cartoon. “I want to be on Family Guy as a character. Not like the South Park one where I was a big fat rat! I want to be actually like a sexy little girl!”

Hey, someone get in touch with Seth MacFarlane! But as cute as her nighttime ritual is, we’re wondering if Jionni checks under the bed for monsters before tucking Snooks in...

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Source: Celebuzz