Snooki, who we may get to see give birth on Jersey Shore Season 6 (insert shrieks of excitement here), is carrying a 17-week-old meatball, but that's not the only meaty treat on her radar right now.

The pregnant reality TV star was seen grabbing an on-the-go bite at a hot dog vendor in Jersey City yesterday (March 21). Hold up. Snooki? A hot dog? Isn't that — dare we say — fattening?

Yes, Snooks has made it clear that she wants to lose weight quickly after giving birth, but it seems like she's finally giving in to the baby weight and letting herself splurge on heavier food, like her ketchupy snack. Not to mention the fact that she washed down the wiener with an extra large, super hydrating Poland Spring. 'Atta girl!

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Credit: Mejia / Asadorian / Splash News Photo: Snooki Gets a Hot Dog in Jersey City on March 21, 2012