Credit: Instagram

We’ve documented how much Snooki has changed over the years, especially in regards to her personal style, and a lot of that change was inspired by her becoming a mom to her son, Lorenzo!

She’s traded skintight club dresses for more relaxed daily outfits, including her new favorite maxi skirts and pretty blouses with jeans, though she’s stayed true to herself and still keeps her style fun and fresh. In addition to wearing more comfy mama clothing when with her son, Snooki has taken up some cute new habits, like becoming much more organized.

Now Snooki’s doing a silly new “mom” thing: making big fruit salads! Snooks Instagrammed this pic of two yummy looking salad creations, both of which probably took some time to prepare. “Made yummy fruit salad!!!!” she wrote proudly. “I’m such a mom.”

Credit: Instagram

We’re sure Lorenzo will have fun eating the fruit she’s made small enough for him, as he’s about that age when babies can start eating solid foods. Who knew that party girl Snooki would become such a wiz in the kitchen?

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