Credit: Splash News

Judging from a new rumor about The Situation and his people causing drama in various Australian hotels, plus the fact that he really didn’t look his best while spinning in the clubs there, we’re almost (almost) concerned that something is really wrong with the Jersey Shore star.

The Herald Sun reports that “The Situation's people booked into two hotels. They weren't happy with the final offer and demanded to be moved again. This came on top of a last-minute cancellation the week before, meaning the gig had to be rescheduled.”

Look, Mike is no Johnny Depp, and really has no business causing any kind of diva-esque hotel drama. But his behind-the-scenes behavior isn’t the only sign of stress. These photos of the Jersey Shore antihero suggest that Mike hasn’t been getting enough sleep, may be drinking too much, and is partying extremely hard. Mike is 30, after all!

Do you think Snooki’s pregnancy and engagement are taking a toll on the infatuated Mike? Should he chill with the excessive promotional tours? What exactly is he promoting, anyway?

Source: Herald Sun

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