Credit: Instagram

It’s hard to imagine Snooki leading a life outside of the spotlight.  Our favorite meatball mama’s life has changed dramatically since we first saw her on Jersey Shore back in 2009. She’s grown up so much over the years, becoming a pop culture icon and an amazing mom before our eyes.

But what would Snooki’s life be like if she wasn’t a reality star? A fan tweeted this very question, and Snooki recently responded, “Working in an animal hospital, still loving life.” Aww!

If you’re a fan of Snooks, her answer probably doesn’t surprise you. Snooki’s always been a huge animal lover — remember when she brought Crocadilly to visit his family at the zoo on Season 1 of Snooki and JWOWW? — and even studied to become a veterinary technician in college.

While she may be known for her party girl antics and crazy, fun personality, we know Snooki is a sweetie with a heart of gold. It’s not hard to imagine devoting her life to taking care of animals. For now, she'll just take care of her son, Lorenzo, and her pets, though!

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