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Snooki may have made $150,000 per episode of Jersey Shore, but she is still a thrifty mama. However, she does like to splurge now and again, and she recently revealed her most expensive purchase — and it’s not what you’d expect!

“I am a bargain shopper!” Snooki exclaimed in an interview with Celebuzz. “My most expensive purchase ever was probably like a crazy Michael Kors bag.”

Snooki shares that even though she makes a good amount of money, that doesn’t mean she’s going to blow it.

“No matter how much money I have, I’m always going to be the same person, so I’m never going to change,” she said. Even after that huge check she got for the first photos of baby Lorenzo, she’s still the same low-key girl!

“I just like sales, I like bargains,” she adds. She even shares that when it comes to grocery shopping, she uses coupons. Celebs, they’re just like us!

“I’m not high maintenance whatsoever,” Snooki concluded. Hey, that’s why we love her!

And for those curious about her Michael Kors bag, it is probably the one she showed us the contents of in a video last week. It’s cute, but the most surprising part is the price tag — though it was a “splurge,” it retails for only $400-500. Now that’s not so crazy!

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Source: Celebuzz