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Even though she has amazingly chic style and is now a fashion designer herself, you may be surprised to learn the places where Snooki gets her clothing. Now you can steal her style, as she recently posted a list of links to her fave places to shop!

I’m clearly obsessed with clothes and everything that has to deal with fashion and style!” Snooki recently wrote on her Celebuzz blog. “Although many of you think I’m a name designer shopper, I’m honestly one of the best bargain shoppers out there! Here is a list of my favorite stores that I get my swag at and basically where all my clothes in my closet come from!”

We know she gets her fabulous shoes at great prices, but Snooki also gets most of her favorite pieces from discount sites like and, to sites with grunge fashion like and cute summer dresses from And of course, if you want to copy Snooki’s fab club looks, she highly recommends for “great dresses and classy wear!!”

Are you surprised at how affordable Snooki’s clothing is? Do you love her new style or prefer her old looks? Share below!

Source: Celebuzz