Credit: MTV

The lovely ladies of Jersey Shore may have gone overboard with sugary drinks and junk food at the Shore House, but now that their summer fun times have come to an end, our favorite guidettes have been working on eating healthy, working out, and cutting back on their alcohol intake.

Even though they do their best, the Jersey Shore girls definitely treat themselves every now and then. JWOWW indulged in a giant slice of cheesecake thinking her engagement ring was inside, Deena spoiled herself with a big ice cream sundae, and Snooki broke her diet to share a seafood feast in Florida with her fiancé Jionni.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Sammi Sweetheart Eats a Box of Girl Scout Cookies

So which guidette decided to splurge recently? Why, Sammi Sweetheart, of course! Though she’s known for her fashion fitness line, she’s definitely still has a sweet tooth that she indulges now and then. Sammi recently Instagrammed a pic of her latest obsession: a big box of Girl Scout Samoa cookies! Yum.

Sammi included the tags “#obsessed” and “#myfavs” in the caption. She recently celebrated her 26th birthday, so we think she definitely deserves some chocolate-coconut cookies. Maybe she’ll share them with her boyfriend, Ronnie!

What are your favorite Girl Scout cookies? Tell us below!