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We know that several of the Jersey Shore stars have graduated from college, but one of them is headed back to school, and you may be surprised to learn who it is.

We know smartie Vinny graduated from the College of Staten Island, with a 3.9 GPA, no less, and JWOWW attended the New York Institute of Technology. Snooki went to Brookdale Community College (where fellow meatball Deena also attended), The Situation studied at Monmouth University, and Sammi Sweetheart played Division II soccer for William Paterson University.

We’re not sure if Mike or Sammi graduated — Sam joined the cast before her senior year — but we bet you didn’t expect such a resume of schools from our fun-loving guidos and guidettes!

The only Shore castmates we’re unsure about are Pauly D and Ronnie. While Pauly claimed he was a college grad on his old Myspace, we don’t know where he went. Ron said he worked for his father in real estate before joining the cast. “I don’t like tests,” Ronnie told us in Season 2, joking that if you gave him a test he’d likely fail it. “That’s why I never went to college.”

Credit: Photo by Beth Sobol Photo: Deena Nicole Backstage at Reality of Fashion/Reality of AIDS on Feb. 9, 2013 — Exclusive

But now one of our Shore faves is thinking of returning to school. Who is it? Why, Deena Nicole, of course!

Deena recently tweeted her plans to check out some schools online: “Going back for hair and make-up :) sounds silly but i’m super excited!” While we’re not sure how helpful it will be to learn beauty skills behind a computer screen — maybe she can practice on boyfriend Chris Buckner? — we trust our meatball’s judgment and are proud of her for taking initiative in furthering her education.

And if it’ll help her straighten out issues with her extensions — we all remember her hair fiasco in Italy when JWOWW had to pull out her hair! — we’re all for it.

Are you surprised that Deena’s thinking of going back to school? Do you think she’d make a good beautician? Sound off below!