Credit: Instagram Photo: Sammi as Batgirl

Sammi Sweetheart isn’t one to dress up — unless it’s to go out clubbing at Karma in a skin-tight dress — but recently, Sam Instagrammed a pic of her and a friend at a costume party, and you’ll never guess which superhero she went as!

Who knew she was a fan! Though it was a Throwback Thursday pic, we’re sure she still loves heroine Batgirl just as much today as she did back then.

Of course, she kept her look simple and sweet with minimal make-up and pin-straight hair. She opted to skip the mask, instead focusing her look on a form-fitting top with a Batman logo.

Normally, Sammi keeps it casual with yoga pants and her custom gym clothes — unless she’s wearing a sexy dress to go out, of course — so seeing her in costume is pretty fun. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with for this Halloween!

We think she makes an adorable Batgirl, but what do you think of Sam’s costume? Sound off below!