Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Sammi Gets in Arvin's Face on Jersey Shore, March 10, 2011

Arvin Lall shows up on Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 11 to stir up the dramz between Sammi and Ronnie, as if they needed any outside help. Arvin is friends with The Situation from back home and shows Sitch a slew of texts that Sammi has been sending him. But who is this Arvin character? We went to his Facebook for answers.

Arvin studied economics at Rutgers University and went to East Brunswick High School, thus, he's a Jersey boy through and through. He cites cuddling as one of his interests, in addition to Mike "The Situation" (natch), and Larry David. (We're not sure Larry would agree with his guido following.)

We truly have no idea whether Sammi was indeed texting Arvin while she was home (we know she wasn't texting him from the Shore house with that duck phone), or whether she and Arvin are actually "just friends," but if you have thoughts on the subject, please share them in the comments.

Source: Facebook



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