Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki Sprays Her New Perfume, Snooki Couture!

Snooki doesn’t compare herself to anyone else since she’s a unique, beautiful flower, but there is one celeb who she’d love to become.

With her fast-growing empire of products — including 10 lines in stores now and a clothing and shoe collection still to come — it makes sense that she has an entrepreneur in mind, but we were still surprised at her answer.

“I definitely look up to Jessica Simpson because she started out kind of like I am, with a couple of products, but it didn't really blow up until her shoe [line] and now her clothing line is just ginormous!” she spilled to OMG! Insider.

Hey, considering Snooks has 6.1 million followers on Twitter, 2.2 million on Instagram, and more than 5 million on Facebook, it’s only time before she takes over the world, too!

Are you surprised by her role model? Check out the video and sound off below!