Credit: Deena's Twitter Photo: Deena Goes Make-Up Free

Put down your tanning lotion and hairspray, folks: The newest Jersey Shore trend seems to be going product free.

Okay, not really — the guidettes we know and love would never go to the club with less than a pound of makeup on — but Deena has joined Sammi and Snooki in allowing herself to be photographed in her natural state.

Yesterday, Deena tweeted a photo of herself with her adorably fluffy cat, Mako, saying "Lol no makeup n hairs in a pony but makos face is too cute not to tweet." Then she added a second photo, saying, "Another he's so precious .. Baby n mommy day :)"

There's no question that Mako's scrunchy face is totally aww worthy, but we're more interested in Deena sans makeup. In our opinion, her eyes look gorgeous. But what do you think of the guidette's toned-down style?

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Source: Twitter

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