Credit: Lee Clower/ Photo: Sammi Sweethear's XOJane Makeunder

Boy, Jersey Shore’s Sammi sure cleans up nice. And by “cleans up” we mean cleaning up all that overdone guidette make-up off her pretty face.

The nice people at XOJane gave the reality star a much-needed make-under for their XOJane Makeunder series last year. So, how do you tone down the Jersey Shore-ness out of a Jersey Shore star? Ditch the flat iron in favor of “fresh-out-of-bed hair,” lose the bronzer, and focus on simple make-up like Benefit’s Benetint cheek stain and a simple swipe of mascara. The whole make-under, according to XOJane, took under 5 minutes. 

What an improvement! Personally, we love this freshly-scrubbed Sammi look. Check out XOJane for more photos and a behind-the-scenes look on how they took Sam from guady to gorgeous.

What do you think of the make-under? 

Source: XOJane

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