Credit: STARPICZ / Splash News, CPA Photo: Pauly D's New Look

Who are you and what have you done with Pauly D? After doing our daily Jersey Shore stalking, we mean, browsing, we couldn't help but notice that our main man Pauly is looking totally different when he attended the 9th Season Launch of Rehab Sundays in Las Vegas back in April (right).

Compared to a red carpet photo from February of this year (left), the reality TV star seems to be showing off a fuller face, bigger muscles, and even — dare we say — a different color tan!

Maybe it's all the crazy touring for his spin-off show, The Pauly D Project, or maybe Pauly is upping his weight-lifting schedule. Either way, we don’t know what to think of Pauly’s new look. However, as long as he doesn’t ditch his infamous blow-out, we think we’ll be OK with his new appearance. 

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Credit: CPA Photo: Pauly D at the 9th Season Launch Of Rehab Sundays in Vegas on April 22, 2012