While Snooki’s maternal instincts might’ve kicked right in with the arrival of baby Lorenzo, the Jersey Shore starlet’s tendency to swear hasn’t gone anywhere just yet!

Snooks appeared on this morning’s Access Hollywood Live and accidentally dropped a little no-no wordy-derd mid-sentence while defending her natural mothering skills.

“Honestly, I have no questions. I know what’s going on. ‘Cause I was scared that I wasn’t going to have maternal instincts, but I do. Like, I know how to hold him … Cause I wasn’t really good with kids before, so I’m like sh*t …” she slipped, cupping her face in surprise. With the interviewer’s encouragement she quickly picked up where she left off and finished, “But like holding him, everything just came natural.”

Oh, Snookers. We can always count on you to keep the censors busy!

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Source: Buzzfeed

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