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As everyone watching Jersey Shore Season 6 knows, Deena Nicole has some serious anxiety issues. In a recent interview, she opens up about what it’s been like to watch herself struggle through panic attacks on the show’s final season, and what brought on such severe anxiety over the summer.

Deena tells Celebuzz that her sudden rise in fame contributed to her increased anxiety. “So much has changed in the last year,” she says. “It took a struggle on myself.”

The meatball explains that she had trouble distinguishing between people’s perceptions of her as Snooki’s sidekick and her new role this summer as “the only drunk one.”

“People know me as Deena the fun Deena,” she says, but without a partner in crime, her “anxiety’s been a lot worse than usual.”

Watch the interview below!

Credit: Celebuzz Photo: Deena Nicole: “My Anxiety’s Been a Lot Worse Than Usual” (VIDEO)

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