Credit: Mike Coppola/ Getty Images Photo: Angelina Pivarnick Poses at Fashion-On-The-Go Hair Styling Services Celebration on May 6, 2011

Like it or not (we're guessing not), ex-Jersey Shore housemate Angelina is back on Season 5, Episode 8. According to this sneak peek, the guidos run into dear old Angie at a club.

We have to say, we didn't see this one coming. So, what is Angelina doing back on the show? There's been no word about what caused this big twist, so for fun, we've come up with some theories:

She's stalking the cast: Desperately trying to regain what little fame she once had, Angelina started following the cast and, more importantly, the cameras. She finally got her wish: One more moment in the spotlight. This seems pretty plausible to us.

It's a conspiracy with Emilio: Speaking of desperate people, Angelina was seen hanging with Snooki's d-bag ex, Emilio. Is it possible they planned Angelina's run-in at the club to mess with the Jersey Shore stars who are actually still famous? This is far fetched, we admit, but wouldn't it be fun?

The producers did it: Here's a simple solution: The producers decided this season was too boring, so called Angelina and told her where to go in a last-ditch attempt to stir up some old drama. Our money's on this one, which proves just how jaded this season has made us.

It's actually, honestly a giant coincidence: Oh, who are we kidding. No one believes this.

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Catch the macaroni rascals on a new episode of Jersey Shore on Thursday, February 23 at 10 pm ET/PT on MTV.