Roger Mathews likes to joke a lot that his fiancée JWOWW never “gives it up,” but now it’s her turn to be annoyed with him for his bedroom behavior.

So, what’s he doing in bed that’s bugging Jenni? Maybe it’s not so much what he’s doing, but when he’s doing it!

Jenni recently Instagrammed a pic of her in bed with an “Are you kidding me?” face as her soon-to-be-hubby slept soundly in the background.

Credit: Instagram Photo: JWOWW Is Annoyed That Roger Fell Asleep Early

“Hmmm something isn't right here...” she captioned the photo. “Sat night at 730 and his ass is sleeping!”

We know Roger is a hard-working guy who has to be up super early for his job, so it’s not too surprising that he crashes early after a long, exhausting week.

Though we can’t really blame Jenni for being befuddled, as we’re pretty sure there are kids that play outside after dinner at this hour — especially on a Saturday!

This is definitely a far cry from the usual night out at Karma.  At least we know that Roger’s getting a good night (or evening’s) sleep. Maybe JWOWW can give Snooki a ring and have fun with her instead!

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