Credit: Snooki's Twitter

Just about every new mom is bound to say that her baby is the best, it’s what they do. So, it’s no surprise that Snooki thinks little Lorenzo is perfect in every way.

In a new video interview with People, Snooki explained why her little meatball takes the cake, saying “He hardly cries. He's always smiling. He's always in a good mood. So, he's my life and I'm obsessed with him.”

Well, judging by all the pictures Snooks has shared he does seem to be a happy little nugget, and his sweet smile is enough to stop you in your tracks.

Snooki also talked about the best parenting tip she ever got, which was “not to buy so many clothes for the baby because they grow so fast.”

JWOWW, meanwhile, said that while she would “love to have children,” but she and fiancé Roger Mathews have a lot of “unanswered questions” to deal with first.

Do you think JWOWW and Roger will welcome a little bundle of their own within the next year? Sound off below!

Source: People