Credit: MTV

Poor Snooki. The Jersey Shore star can’t catch a break. She’s constantly battling haters on her Twitter feed like people calling her names or making fun of the way she looks and it turns out she’s been dealing with criticism since her high school days.

However, her current haters might be surprised by the kind of bullying she grappled with before her reality star days.

Snooks told Celebuzz in a recent interview that back during her days ra-ra-ra-ing as a cheerleader, she dealt with viciousness because she was one of the pretty girls.

Me and my girlfriends, we were pretty girls we were cheerleaders,” she said. “The older girls didn’t like us and I feel like they thought we were competition so they would make up nasty rumors about us and even me and you know, they would make me feel like a very low person.”

Good thing her ultra-tanned skin is also very thick!

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Source: Celebuzz