Jesse Csincsak: Juan Pablo “Sold His Soul to the Devil” for Bachelor Money
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Jesse Csincsak: Juan Pablo “Sold His Soul to the Devil” for Bachelor Money

It’s official: You can count Bachelorette Season 4 alum Jesse Csincsak among the growing list of Bachelor Nation members who are not on Team Juan Pablo Galavis. In fact, Jesse is seriously slamming Juan Pablo, saying El Bachelor only did the show for the dinero.

Evidently, Jesse’s paternal instinct is in full swing at the moment, as he and wife Ann welcomed their second child this week. In a recent interview with Radar Online, Jesse calls out Juan Pablo for those unsubstantiated rumors about Juan Pablo supposedly not having paid his child support for daughter Camila.

“Anybody who doesn’t pay child support for their kids shouldn’t be on The Bachelor trying to make a quick buck,” Jesse says. He feels that Juan Pablo “sold his soul to the devil,” explaining that JPG made money but was in turn edited to look like a bad guy.

And how much money did Juan Pablo actually make for starring on the show? Jesse doesn’t know for sure but appears to have heard a rumor that “he probably made $100,000.” This would be on par with what Ashley Hebert reportedly pocketed for starring as the Season 7 Bachelorette, although it’s well below the reported $250,000 that Emily Maynard received for her season. That said, it’s uncertain whether any of JPG’s salary is contingent on him being willing to make post-show appearances, which he clearly isn’t all about.

So, these are some fightin’ words from Jesse. We’re not sure if his ire is entirely warranted, given that there’s no actual proof of Juan Pablo not paying his child support. Still, we appreciate that Jesse not only seems to believe in the show but feels very strongly about looking out for your little ones. Come to think of it, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jesse is running a little low on sleep lately, due to that newborn in the house. The poor guy might be a little extra stressed. Perhaps a nap would be good?

Let’s just hope nobody tells Jesse what Juan Pablo will be up to next weekend, or Jesse’s head might explode…

Do you think Jesse is right to knock Juan Pablo’s motives? Or is Jesse out-of-line?

Source: Radar Online