Jesse Kovacs Apologizes to Christy Hansen: “I Feel Like an A—hole”
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Bachelor in Paradise

Jesse Kovacs Apologizes to Christy Hansen: “I Feel Like an A—hole”

It’s probably safe to say Jesse Kovacs will never be nominated for the lead role in The Bachelor — unless, that is, ABC execs have a hefty sense of humor. The Bachelor in Paradise hunk made major waves during his stint in Tulum, enjoying — and spilling the beans about — sexy time with two different ladies and then saying some iffy things about the girls on camera. No bueno.

Jesse got handsy with both show BFFs Lucy Aragon and Christy Hansen, later referring to Lucy as “what’s her nuts” and Christy as a “dumb blond.” As the words came out of his mouth, we could practically hear the high heels being thrown at televisions across America.

But at least this is one misbehaved man who knows he misbehaved. In his blog for OK!, Jesse writes, “I’ll start by saying, I’m in no shape to try and defend myself. Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was brutal. I come off looking pretty bad and I only have myself to blame. I want to apologize to Christy. She didn’t deserve to be called a dumb blond and she should be upset with how she was treated. I made mindless statements about her and I feel like an asshole.” We’re listening.

We have to give him credit, because he goes on to take full responsibility for what he said, rather than claiming a bad edit. “To be mad at how I was portrayed would be silly. Did things get cut and pasted in the editing room? Of course, but all the things that were said, regardless of context, were said.”

Jesse goes on to reveal that social media has not been kind to him since appearing on BiP, citing one follower who tweeted, “Sorry, but I can’t decide what’s worse. My daughter dating you or my son being you.” Ouch, and, touché.

We’re glad that he’s apologizing to Christy for playing her the way he did (and then talking so poorly about her behind her back). Now we’re waiting for an apology to Tasos Hernandez, who was on the receiving end of Jesse’s terrible nickname, “Taco,” throughout the entire episode. Just sayin’.

What do you think of Jesse’s apology? Sincere, or damage control? Tell us below!

Source: OK News