Bachelor in Paradise Gals Call Jesse Kovacs a “Misogynist” — What Went Wrong?
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Gals Call Jesse Kovacs a “Misogynist” — What Went Wrong?

Bearded Bachelor Nation heartthrob, Jesse Kovacs got involved in some serious drama during this week’s Episode 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. Everyone knows that Jesse loves having a good time, and this handsome fella made it clear that he was in Paradise to drink and be merry. Oh, and to make out with a bunch of ladies.

In the space of just one week (in real time, not production time), Jesse went on dates with Jackie Parr, Christy Hansen and Lucy Aragon. But the real drama started during Episode 5, when he rejected Lucy for Christy under the guise of having real feelings for her.

After that, Jesse and Christy spent a few romantic nights chillin' with the local raccoon population, but it wasn't long before Christy found out that her man had been bragging about getting sexy with Lucy. Click here if you need a refresher on that whole locker room talk fiasco between the guys. Christy's reaction? "I didn't know Lucy gave him a [BLEEP]" and "Jesse is a misogynistic manipulative [BLEEP]."

Yikes, those are some major fighting words. Unfortunately for Jesse, Christy, Michelle Money

and Lacy Faddoul ended up confronting him about his somewhat questionable antics, and Lacy even said to him that "you running your mouth to the guys about all the things you've done with the women here is beyond disrespectful."

At this point, you might be wondering if Jesse apologized for his behavior, and the answer is nope! This hunk didn't think he'd done anything wrong, and he wasn’t about to backtrack on his choices.

But what do you think? Sure, Jesse went on three dates with three different women in the space of one week — but that's hardly atypical for the beaches of Bachelor in Paradise. Plus, he isn't exactly the first contestant to make out with two people back-to-back — Lacy herself got frisky with Robert Graham on a beach, and then hooked up with Marcus Grodd!

That being said, Jesse could have been slightly kinder the Christy. Do you think he went too far and deserved to be slammed by his co-stars? Let us know below!