Jesse Williams\'s Ex Does Not Want Their Children on Social Media (UPDATE)
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Jesse Williams’s Ex Does Not Want Their Children on Social Media (UPDATE)


UPDATE (8/26/17 at 2:00 p.m. ET) More details have emerged about custody negiotations between Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams and ex Aryn Drake-Lee

Documents reportedly show a dispute over the appearance of their children on Jesse's social media accounts. 

According to TMZAryn does not want pictures of the children posted to social media due to safety concerns. 

She argues that Jesse cannot verify the mental health status of his more than 2 million followers, and some could use information shared on those feeds to dangerously target their children. 

Just another Casual Surgery Thursday: Choose your weapon.

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The site also claims Jesse has deleted some pictures of his children previously on his Instagram feed.

Right now, it's mostly Grey's photos. 

Read on for more about the negotiations between Jesse and Aryn. 

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Original Story (8/24/17 at 5:43 p.m. ET) Jesse Williams’s divorce from Aryn Drake-Lee has gone from civil to acrimonious to just about as nasty as it gets.

Now the Grey’s Anatomy actor is alleging that his ex micromanages the time he has with his kids… and even claims she was violent with him at one point during their marriage.

Read on for all the sordid details…

It’s been exactly four months since the divorce news broke — with reports surfacing that Aryn hated life in Los Angeles and Jesse’s demanding work schedule.

At the time, they’d been married for four years and coupled up for many years before that.

They’ve also welcomed two children into the world: 3-year-old Sadie and 22-month-old Maceo.


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Within two months, their custody negotiations had taken a turn for the bitterer.

In court documents Us Weekly transcribed, Jesse claimed Aryn had been restricting his time with their children — only allowing him two-and-a-half hours per day, for instance — and flat-out rejecting all of his requests to have the kids spend the night at his place.


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Last week, it was Aryn’s turn to level accusations against her ex.

According to TMZ, she told the divorce court she wanted sole custody because Jesse has exposed their kids to a “revolving door” of women — which, if true, probably includes Friday Night Lights alum Minka Kelly.

She also detailed a scary road rage incident — when Jesse “aggressively pursued” a neighbor who had flipped him off, while their kids were in the car with him.

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Now, in new documents obtained by TMZ, Jesse says Aryn only gets to spend so much time with Sadie and Maceo because he’s working hard to provide for them.

Furthermore, he says she has around-the-clock help raising the kids, saying she “has the incredible privilege of being a stay-at-home mom with a full-time nanny.”

And he says she’s punishing him for providing for the family, per TMZ.

For example, Jesse claims Aryn micromanages his time with the kids.

And when the kids are in Aryn’s custody, she often ignores his FaceTime calls, he says — adding that when she does pick up his calls, she leaves the TV on in the background so the kids will be distracted.

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The 36-year-old also responded to Aryn’s claims he bullies her.

He says the kids have seen aggression in the household, but only hers — during times when she screams at him.

And here’s the kicker: Jesse claims Aryn once slammed the front door on his leg repeatedly during a tantrum.

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This breakup has been a four-month trainwreck, it seems, and we’re just the eyewitnesses!

All we can do now is hope for a quick resolution, if not an amicable one.

Something tells us, however, that Jesse and Aryn will be swapping accusations for a while longer…

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