Jesse Williams: My Wife’s Not the Only One Getting a Baby Belly!
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Grey's Anatomy

Jesse Williams: My Wife’s Not the Only One Getting a Baby Belly!

Jesse Williams’ wife may be the one carrying their child, but she isn’t the only one adding a few inches to her midsection as of late.

The Grey’s Anatomy star reveals to People that, while his wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, is pregnant with their first child, he’s been gaining a few sympathy pounds as well.

“I’m acquiring some of the symptoms. I’ve definitely put on a few [pounds],” the actor says. “I don’t think I’ve been eating anything different. I’m just not moving … I’m just putting on pounds. I think it’s a medical issue — I should ask somebody on my show.”

While Jesse’s shirtless scenes on Grey’s have made it pretty clear that he’s a regular at the gym, he claims that his eating habits aren’t exactly what one might expect from a fit Hollywood star.

“I’m a professional eater,” he jokes. “Eating is a big part of my life, and I eat legally, illegally, hunting it, finding it. It’s a big part of my experience.”

Despite his busy schedule of TV work, film roles, and competitive snacking, we’re sure Jesse will find time to work a few bottle-feedings into his schedule when he and Aryn welcome their bundle of joy any day now.

Source: People